architectural services
Architecture Landscape Architecture

Architectural Services

1 | Architectural

From inception to completion; we’ll design and craft a home or a commercial space for you that’s beautiful, innovative and functional.

2 | Interior Design

We develop an interior design concept for the project and prepare technical and procurement documentation for all aspects.

3 | Landscape Architecture

We develop a complimentary and unique landscape design concept for the project, develop the concept and implement the procurement programme for the landscape installation.

How We Work

By consecutively flowing through the phases listed below we manage each project from initial inception and conceptualisation through to successful completion…

1 | Inception
To start we establish the requirement, preferences, needs and options relating to the project. We then appoint the necessary consultants, and establish the project brief including project objectives, priorities, constraints, assumptions, aspirations and strategies.

2 | Design Concept
We prepare and finalise the project concept in accordance with the project brief. Facets include the scope, scale, character, form, function, development programme and viability of the project.

3 | Design Development
Once we have develop the approved design to finalise the design, outline specifications, cost plans, financial viability and documentation programmes for the project can be produced.

4 | Technical Documentation
All technical and procurement documentation is prepared. The procurement programme is confirmed and implemented for effective and timeous procurement of necessary resources for the execution of the project.

5 | Construction
In this phase we manage, monitor and administer the contracts and processes. This includes the preparation and coordination of the procedures and documentation to facilitate practical completion of the works.

6 | Conclusion
Finally, we fulfil and complete the project close-out, including the preparation of the necessary documentation to facilitate effective completion, handover and operation of the project.